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Ezra 7:10

“Now Ezra had determined in his heart to study the law of the LORD, obey it, and teach its statutes and ordinances in Israel.”

HE Said Come to the Table...

HE Said Come to the Table...

Come join the sinners who have been redeemed.
Take your place beside the Savior now.
Sit down and be set free.
Come to the table.

Song: Come To The Table by Sidewalk Prophets

I was reading Romans recently and was inspired to do this blog.  It was actually more of an inspiration to try something different with my photography… FOOD.  It happened when I got to Romans 14.  Verses 1-4 read as follows:

“Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters.  One man’s faith allows him to eat everything, but another man, whose faith is week, eats only vegetables.  The man who eats everything must not look down on him who does not, and the one who does not eat everything must not condemn the man who does, for GOD has accepted him.  Who are you to judge someone else’s servant?  To his own master he stands or falls.  And he will stand, for the LORD is able to make him stand.”

I know that this isn’t really just about eating, it’s much more about how we treat each other and not judging.  However… I was hungry at the time so I got stuck on FOOD.  That lead me to study food in the Bible a little bit more… and is it ever an issue in the Bible.  There are HUNDREDS of verses dealing with food.  What to eat… What not to eat… When to eat… When not to eat… How to eat… How not to eat…  Here are several that I found interesting.

Ecclesiastes 9:7

“Go, eat your bread with pleasure, and drink your wine with a cheerful heart, for GOD has already accepted your works.”

Psalm 136:25 

“HE gives food to every creature.  HIS love is eternal.”

1 Corinthians 10:31

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for GOD’s glory.”

Back to photography.  I’ve never really been the type to go out and take pictures of the food I was eating, although I see posts by people all the time doing it.  However, I do know that to improve a skill you must practice it.  You also need to practice it in ways that are uncomfortable and different.  Enter food photography.  I made a list of some of my favorite homemade foods, and as we made them for meals, I would take some time before I would eat and take pictures.

Here is what I came up with.  I know they won’t ever be in some great food magazine or on a commercial.  But it was fun, and a challenge.  I am better at photography for trying something different (or so I hope).  And most importantly, I was able to look at food differently, and remember some of the greatness that GOD has blessed me with.


If Your Eyes Are On The Storm...

If Your Eyes Are On The Storm...

There's Is No Magic in Magic...

There's Is No Magic in Magic...