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I Shot My Nephew...

I Shot My Nephew...

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...but I swear it was in self defense!  


     Okay, so you are probably getting tired of the silly song references for my blog titles (Sandy thinks I need to make sure that everyone knows that these are lyrics from Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff"), but I love music.  I love how just the right song, at just the right moment can strike such a perfect "chord" in your life.  I love how the same song can have different meanings to different people.  I love how the same song can have different meanings to me, depending on the day.  I love how...


     Oh wait... this is a blog about my senior portrait shoot with my nephew...


     A few weeks ago, my nephew asked me to do a senior photo shoot for him, and of course I had to agree.  Even if he wasn't family, he's a great kid, and my goal is to help kids save money.  We worked to pick a date that would work for both of us, and decided that The Square in Independence would be a good place to capture some images.


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     We originally planned for meeting about 8 am so that the light would be nice, but about two days before we realized that there was a parade on The Square that day and we would have to postpone our shoot until later in the afternoon.  We rescheduled for 1 pm, and we really lucked out!  The sun was out and there were NO clouds in the sky.  We could really make the lighting work.


     My nephew brought three changes of clothes with him.  Okay, so they were actually just three changes of shirts, but it was nice to be able to use different outfits in different locations.  I like being able to provided multiple looks throughout the setting so that they have many options to choose from for printing.  I give my clients all the digital images that I edit and they can print whichever ones they want.


     One of my nephews shirts was purchased from the "All Things Independence" store.  He worked there as a junior as part of his DECA program.  It was cool to be able to go to the store and take some of the photos there.


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     Another one of his shirts was a coral colored shirt with the word senior on it.  I'm not sure it was intentional, but the coral color matched very well with the "#Love The Square" mural that was painted on the wall.  Well technically it is a big sticker stuck on the wall, but either way it looked very nice with his outfit.  The coral shirt also matched well with the bricks in the wall near the columns of the courthouse so we used that shirt there as well.


     The third outfit was his football jersey.  I had several ideas of images to create using blank walls and him in his football jersey.  I first did some multiple exposure work with my soccer player and was going to do some of the same work with my nephew.  I really liked the outcome, and I think he did as well.


     We had a lot of fun.  I know that working with family can be difficult, but he is such a wonderful person that it was very easy to direct him in how to stand and how to pose.  He was willing to try several different angles at the same place until we got just the right image.  We had a lot of fun and I hope he knows how much joy I received from doing his senior portraits.

Song: I Shot The Sheriff by Bob Marley



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3 John 1:4

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