Welcome to my site. I take photos, and learn life lessons. I hope you are inspired by what you find.

Ezra 7:10

“Now Ezra had determined in his heart to study the law of the LORD, obey it, and teach its statutes and ordinances in Israel.”

So, I Shook My Fist At Heaven...

So, I Shook My Fist At Heaven...

And I Said, “GOD, why don’t YOU do something?”

HE said, “I did, I created you”

As a Christian, there are many things that guide the way I try to live my life. One of those is service. I believe that GOD has given me a gift for photography. I’m not the best at it, but I strive to get better all the time. I firmly believe that GOD expects me to use my gift of photography to help others. Scripture is very clear on this.

1 Peter 4:10-11

“Based on the gift each one has received, use it to serve others, as good managers of the varied grace of GOD. If anyone speaks, it should be as one who speaks GOD’s words; if anyone serves, it should be from the strength GOD provides, so that GOD may be glorified through JESUS CHRIST in everything. To HIM belong the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen.”

Romans 12:6-8

“According to the grace given to us, we have different gifts: If prophecy, use it according to the standard of one’s faith; if service, in service; if teaching, in teaching; if exhorting, in exhortation; giving, with generosity; leading, with diligence; showing mercy, with cheerfulness.”

On October 12th, one of my track athletes, and models (Brooklyne) brought one of her friends to see me. Her name was Leara. Leara had already had a session of senior portraits done. To make a long story short (and not to incriminate other photographers), there were issues with that first photo shoot. It was a very unpleasant experience for her, and that’s not the way senior photo shoots should be (in my opinion). She came to me looking to find a way to get some more photos, and the answer for me was easy. “I’d love to help.” I was going to make this right. I was going to use my gift to serve others.

We set up an appointment for October 26th. The location was picked by her, and was wonderful. There were wooded areas, grassy areas, and a beautiful little bridge. There was also amazing fall colors left in the trees. The sun was out and there was very little wind. We couldn’t have picked a better day and location.

Leara brought four different outfits and we created a plan for where each outfit would work best. We started with a fall outfit on a leaf covered path. We then moved into a field with a chair. Then to the bridge in a college shirt and letterman’s jacket. We then moved to the grassy area to take some shots in her golf uniform. Finally she put on a little dress and we went back the bridge and to a wooden fence.

It was a great two hours spent together, and I hope that I was able to make Leara’s senior portrait session the way it should be. We captured some great images, and here are some of my favorites.

Song:  Do Something by Matthew West


Don't Be Afraid to Stand Out...

Don't Be Afraid to Stand Out...

YOU Placed The Stars In The Sky...

YOU Placed The Stars In The Sky...