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You Held Me Down...

You Held Me Down...

but I got up, already brushing off the dust.

     October 6th was the final regular season football game for Fort Osage Football.  We were playing our cross town rivals, William Chrisman.  We were also raising money and awareness for cancer research.  Never has one of these games meant so much to me.

     Fort Osage is my team.  I teach there.  I coach there.  My wife graduated from there.  My children attend there.  My daughter is in the band. 


     My nephew is a senior captain for William Chrisman.  I've watched him all his life grow to be the young man he is now.  I love getting to watch him play, and wish the best for him in his future endevours.

     I have individuals in my family who have, and have even passed on, from cancer.  These all affected me, and it has been heart-wrenching to watch the family go through them.  Somehow though, it still never seemed as real to me as when MY mother said those frightening words, "I have cancer."

Fort fights Cancer.jpg

     On Tuesday, September 9th, 9:40am, I received the text from my mom that shook my world.  I even had to excuse myself from my classroom a couple of times to compose myself (I don't want my students to see their teacher crying.  My job is to be a rock for them, an anchor in the storm of their lives.) 

     In my mom's particular case, she was diagnosed with Bowen's disease.  Bowen's disease is a very early form of skin cancer.  The cancer was on her scalp, and was probably caused from years and years of sun exposure.  She was at the dermatologist for something else when the doctor decided to check a red spot on her scalp, and that is how it was discovered.  Luckily it was caught early and the doctors believed that surgery would be able to remove all of the cancer.

     On Tuesday, September 26, my mom had the surgery.  It was quite an interesting surgery.  The doctors would remove a little bit of skin from her scalp, then take it back to biopsy it.  They would then come back and remove more if they needed.  This happened about three times before they felt like they had gotten it all.  It was weird that while they were doing the biopsy, my mom would get a band-aid put on her head and she would come out and sit in the waiting room with us. 

     Up to this point, the surgery has seemed to have been successful.  I am also aware though, that the cancer could appear again at any time.  I know that we were lucky, but there were many sleepless nights and much praying going on over this situation.  I now feel like I can understand the situations others have faced much better.

     The football game was good, and I captured several good images.  Some of them are displayed here.  More importantly though, it was exciting to support the fight against cancer, that has never been more real for me.

I love you mom!

I love you mom!




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