Who I Am...

Christian, Husband, Father, Teacher, Coach, Photographer.

What I Do...

Sharing the beauty of God's creation as captured through the lens of a camera.

Why I Do It...

I have been taking photographs for a very long time.  Most of the time there were just snapshots.  Catching a moment so I could remember it in the future.  I remember my senior year in high school, when I was at Disney World with the marching band and I brought several disposable cameras.  I still have that photo album and look at it regularly.

          Notice, I didn't even know how to hold the camera... and got my finger in the shot!

          Notice, I didn't even know how to hold the camera... and got my finger in the shot!

When I got married, we bought a Canon Rebel SLR.  We used it for all our trips.  Still nothing special with regards to the quality of images I was capturing, but I was fanning the ember that was started long ago.

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As DSLR's became more popular we sold the old Rebel and bought a Nikon D50.  All we had was the kit lens, but it was all we needed.  We used it for years.  Documenting our travels, and our kids lives in digital format.  On our 10th anniversary trip to Hawaii, I really started to add some more artistic touches to my photographs.  It was all just trial and error, but it was a small glimpse of what I would work towards.


In June of 2014, I was with my family camping in South Dakota.  A Baltimore Oriole landed in a tree above me.  My camera was in the camper, so I grabbed my parents d3200 and took a quick shot with their 70-300mm lens.  I was immediately hooked on Wildlife photography.  The next several years were filled with camera upgrades, lens upgrades, and trips to see as many animals as possible.

The bird that started the obsession!

The bird that started the obsession!

Starting in the fall of 2015, I began sports photography for my son's baseball team.  It quickly became a new passion for me.  Luckily, I work at a high school full time, and have many opportunities to photograph sports.  I spent all last fall with the football team (and cheerleaders/dance team).  I spent the winter with basketball (girls and boys), and wrestling.  Spring was spent again with my sons baseball team.  I love being close to the action and trying to tell the story of the game through my photography.


The current chapter in my photography journey started in the summer of 2017.  One of my student-athletes asked me to take senior portraits for her.  It was a great experience, that you can read about in my blog.  

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Nature, Sports, and Portraits.  Photography is a great hobby!